January 28th: This site got a little off-track for awhile, but we're back in business, baby! While this site WON'T be updated three times a week now (more like once or twice a week) each update will feature ME and no more cray fetish updates! Mostly hardcore SMUT - Boy/Girl, Threesomes, Blowjobs, Girl/Girl, etc. Enjoy!!
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FEATURED UPDATE: Hot Sybian Girl Girl with Jada Stevens
I've been wanting to mess around with sexy Jada Stevens for quite awhile now. She's so sexy and has the most delicious ass. :) We kiss a little bit, undress each other and go down on eachother. Mmm. Then, we each ride the sybian while the other controls it and plays with the other. After lots of awesome orgasms, we get on it together and kiss some more and have more orgasms! A good time was had by all! I can't wait to get Jada back for some more sexy fun. ;)
Models: Jada Stevens, Addie Juniper
Length: 19 minutes
April 16th: Bratty Teen Bribes Stepmother into a Blowey Job
Wandering into her stepson's room, Addie Juniper was chatting with a friend. She's startled that he's at home in bed, so she abruptly ends the conversation. Addie has lots of male "friends" and it turns out that her stepson has seen some things. When he says, "I want a blowey job" at first, she is incredulous. Where did he hear such a thing? Then she realizes that this is no joke- he wants a blowey job, just like the one she gave the neighbor man, and if she refuses, then he's going to tell Daddy. Addie tries to tell him that this is not the sort of thing that she will do with him, but he continues to insist that this is what he wants and he needs to get his way or else. She locks the door, and pulling down the covers, Addie realizes that her stepson is not a baby anymore- it's big and hard. Addie doesn't have much of a choice here, she's going to have to do what he wants or else Daddy will find out. Like father, like son, Addie notes as she's licking him big balls. She has to explain that a blowey job isn't really blowing, it's more sucking. She quickly gets over the feeling that this is wrong because it's just like a younger version of her husband- the taste is so good. Maybe he would like the blowey job more if he saw her boobies? They have to hurry because Daddy's going to be home soon, but Addie has to take the whole dress off to please him. She grabs hold of his dick firmly at the base, and kneeling over top of him, she sucks on the head, making it really wet and slobbery. Sucking hard on him, she'll alternate using her throat and then her tongue. She swirls her mouth around the head before using her hand to work the shaft up and down vigorously. Addie knows a thing or two about blowey jobs, so she's able to use her experience and wide variety of techniques. Hoping that this will be sufficient, Addie stops for a moment, but that's not good enough. Stepmom has to make him cum. Sucking hard on the cock, she'll go up and down so that the tip hits her throat, and she has to stop just for a moment to pull her hair back so that it won't get in the way. When she goes back to his bed, she gives it all she's got, making it feel so very good as she sucks and jerks his dick. It looks like he likes it hard and fast. How does he want to cum- do you want to cum on my face? She kneels over him with her mouth open and her hands working furiously, and lets him know that he needs to tap twice when he's going to cum, but this bratty boy can't take it. Addie's working him so fast and hard that he cums right in her hands. She shows off the thick, white load in her hands, wiggling her fingers around. But wait- is that a car engine pulling up in the driveway? That's Daddy- hurry and clean up....and remember, this is our little secret!
Models: Addie Juniper
Length: 22 minutes
Available in High Definition
April 13th: Bikini Blowjob
Wearing a cute plaid bikini, I get down on my knees and suck some cock! I jerk it a little bit before putting it my mouth, teasing it by licking it up and down and finally sliding it deep down my throat - in and out, in and out until I wind up with a powerful, white blast COVERING my face! Eek!
Models: Addie and a cock
Length: 9 minutes
Available in High Definition
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