January 28th: This site got a little off-track for awhile, but we're back in business, baby! While this site WON'T be updated three times a week now (more like once or twice a week) each update will feature ME and no more cray fetish updates! Mostly hardcore SMUT - Boy/Girl, Threesomes, Blowjobs, Girl/Girl, etc. Enjoy!!
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FEATURED UPDATE: An Intruder Forces Addie to Strip, Ties Her Up and Makes Her Struggle
AddieJuniper.com's first bondage video! I normally wouldn't post something so fetishy on here, but I figured, hey, who doesn't like seeing a helpless naked girl all tied up with rope? Bondage has become universally sexy and this video happens to be really hot. :) I'm coming home from the gym and I hear someone at the door. I open it to find an intruder forcing me to strip off all my clothes! He then ties my hands behind my back around a pole and gags me with a cloth. I beg and plead to be let go while struggling to break free from the tight ropes! Lots of sexy angles and bouncing boobies are captured during the mmphing and struggling that you guys are sure to enjoy! :D
Models: Addie Juniper, Intruder
Length: 11 minutes
November 30th: Desert Blowjob Payment for Water and Directions
So I'm hiking through a park in Nevada and I totally get lost because I'm new here. And, like an idiot, I forgot to bring water with me. So it's getting late and I don't know how to get back home and I haven't seen a single other person in hours. It was scary! Finally, I run into this dude. He has water in his backpack, but he's being all stingy about giving it to me. I'm like WTF. Then he says he will give me water and help me if I BLOW him. Seriously. I laugh at him and tell him, "No way" and just keep walking. He tells me that it's a 2 mile walk to civilization and it gets dark in an hour. Oh GREAT. I keep walking anyway telling him that I will take my chances. Jerk. So I keep walking and then I see a DISGUSTING dead coyote in my path! It was SOOO gross! So I run back down the hill and tell him that I can't go that way and he says, "Well, you know what you can do for me..." What a pervert this guy is! I ask him if he wants me to suck his cock, really? Is he even hard? He says, "You can get me there." Oh my god! I don't see that I have any other choice, so I get down on my knees on the hard ground in the dirt and shoves his dick in my face. Jesus. I start sucking on it and it's not that bad, I guess, and I sorta get into it. I mean, I know how to suck cock! After awhile of sliding it in out of my mouth and him jamming it down my throat a bit and using my hands to jerk him (with the help of some of the water and my saliva) he says he is going to cum in my mouth. Um no! I tell him that that's not going to happen and he holds my head in place and actually releases his thick, stringy load right into my mouth! Wow. What a JERK! I freak out for a minute knowing that it is on my tongue and I swallowed some and it's on my face, too, and then I hack it out onto the ground. Gross! He then gives me some water and shows me a quicker way of getting back. Jokes on him, though, because I totally jack his water! All in all, I guess it was worth it. I feel like a whore, though, sucking cock because I'm such a damsel in distress!
Models: Addie Juniper, Desert Jerk
Length: 17 minutes
Available in High Definition
November 30th: Addie and Ariella Need to Suck Some Dicks
Despite having fun together all evening, Addie and Ariella decide that they still need some cock! They really want to suck on some dicks so POOF cocks appear! Funny how that happens. ;) The girls each get one but they switch and share, too. The video mainly focuses on Addie who is looking so hot deep throating and slobbering and using her hands and licking a hard dick! Ariella comes over and shares it with her periodically and licks up and down and on the balls while Addie takes it down her tight throat. The blowjobs are shot POV style, which is a great view and feels very intimate, as if they are sucking YOUR cock! Ariella takes the cum load at the end, right in her mouth, but she shares some with Addie, too, which I'm sure Addie appreciates. ;) Very hot video!
Models: Ariella Ferrera, Addie Juniper
Length: 13 minutes
Available in High Definition
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