January 28th: This site got a little off-track for awhile, but we're back in business, baby! While this site WON'T be updated three times a week now (more like once or twice a week) each update will feature ME and no more cray fetish updates! Mostly hardcore SMUT - Boy/Girl, Threesomes, Blowjobs, Girl/Girl, etc. Enjoy!!
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November 2nd: 1980s Girl Girl Lapdance with Nicole Moser
Nicole Moser is a busty glamour model who gets down and dirty right on my lap! She's dressed super '80s and dancing to '80s music, so thus the name of this video. :) Nicole isn't the best dancer on the planet, but she looks cute trying! We both giggle a bit during the video, giving it that awesome amateur appeal. Hope you enjoy watching Nicole's sexy body move. :)
Models: Nicole Moser, Addie Juniper
Length: 9 minutes
October 26th: Hardcore Girl Girl Girl with Sexy Blondes
I film Taylor Raz and her sexy little girlfriend, Rene Phoenix, messing around - kissing, talking dirty, pussy licking, finger fucking, etc. After awhile, they come up to me and pull my pants off, encouraging me to join in! Of COURSE I will! They play with my tits and rub my pussy until I pass the camera to someone else so that you guys can see ALL of us in action! I kiss each of them and then Taylor starts rubbing both mine and Rene's pussies at the same time. A three girl licking, kissing, orgasming fuck-fest ensues. Super hot.
Models: Taylor Raz, Rene Phoenix, Addie Juniper
Length: 22 minutes
October 19th: Cheerleader Blowjob
This is an older video from the archives that of course has never been seen before :) In a cute (and 100% real) cheerleader outfit, I give a long blowjob and get a big facial - a lot ends up in my mouth and I swallow :)
Models: Addie Juniper and a Cock
Length: 11 minutes
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