January 28th: This site got a little off-track for awhile, but we're back in business, baby! While this site WON'T be updated three times a week now (more like once or twice a week) each update will feature ME and no more cray fetish updates! Mostly hardcore SMUT - Boy/Girl, Threesomes, Blowjobs, Girl/Girl, etc. Enjoy!!
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May 4th: Candle Grinds on Addie
Sexy, busty and blonde Candle FINALLY gave me a lapdance! She wears a sexy red outfit and does what she does best ;) I love Candle's body - she's like a real-life Barbie Doll. Yummy :)
Models: Candle Boxxx and Addie
Length: 3 minutes
April 27th: Hot Girl Girl Sex with Star
Hot sex with pretty Star! This is a looong video - lots of chit chat and flirting and laughing mixed in with kissing, boobie licking, oral sex, Star using a dildo on me and me using a dildo in her ass and a vibrator on her pussy simultaneously! I also started licking her pussy from behind while she slid the dildo in and out of her tight little butthole! Hot. We even did some cute stuff like compare our butts in thongs, I spanked her and we compared boobs. :) Basically, this video is super sexy and lots of fun and I know you're really going to enjoy it!
Models: Star and Addie
Length: 44 minutes
April 20th: Gothic Lap Grind
Wearing a sexy full body fishnet and black tube dress, I'm lapdancing to industrial rock! I grind this dude's crotch from the front and from the back, playing with my pussy through the fishnet and getting my tits and ass groped left and right. I LOVE to rub my tits on him and bounce on his crotch and pretend to give him a blowjob. I'm such a dirty girl! Giving lapdances totally turns me on - I moan and writhe and get all hot and sweaty. :)
Models: Addie and a Lap
Length: 8 minutes
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