January 28th: This site got a little off-track for awhile, but we're back in business, baby! While this site WON'T be updated three times a week now (more like once or twice a week) each update will feature ME and no more cray fetish updates! Mostly hardcore SMUT - Boy/Girl, Threesomes, Blowjobs, Girl/Girl, etc. Enjoy!!
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November 30th: Jeans Wrestling and Scandalous Lesbian Sex
Sexy redhead Victoria Quinn welcomes new employee Dakota Charms to her gym. At first Dakota is hesitant when she realizes that the gym mostly does wrestling (after all, she's never wrestled a day in her life and she thought this was a photography gig), but Victoria makes her feel more assured and comfortable, taking things slow. They start by massaging their legs to warm up, so both girls rub one another's upper thighs. Victoria takes off her bulky sweater and encourages Dakota to do the same so that they are ready to begin wrestling. Next, Victoria explains there are several key holds and take downs, so she demonstrates the double hold take down as well as scissoring positions /and then has Dakota try the moves on her. Dakota's a fast learner, but when she has her legs wrapped around Victoria's neck, the more experienced female fighter knows to relax her legs to be released, so she strokes Dakota's thighs. To help Dakota feel more confident, the girls have a practice wrestling match and tussle on the mat in various positions all the while wearing jeans and having the denim rub against the mat. The girls are interrupted by Addie who comes to the door, and when Victoria explains that she's in the middle of a match, so Addie offers to wait and watch. She can't help but notice Dakota's amazing thighs, so she comes over to touch them, but apparently the rubbing broke Dakota's focus and Victoria got out of her leg hold. Addie is impressed already with Dakota and knows of Victoria's excellent reputation, so she offers both of them to try out for her new female sexy wrestling event. But first, both girls will need to complete a test which Addie administers. Starting with a full leg massage, Addie is on her knees while her hands work their way up Victoria's legs, slowly and deeply rubbing. Next, she moves to Dakota's ankles and steadily moves her hands up the denim to her thighs. Dakota starts rethinking the decision because she explains that she wears jeans all the time which means her legs are pretty pale and she wouldn't feel comfortable being only in her underwear, but Addie lets her know that she's looking for a photographer, too, so after she finishes Victoria's testing they can talk more about the job opportunity. Addie returns to Victoria explaining that the girls would have to wrestle in their underwear, which is actually better since it's less restricting than these tight jeans, so she needs to strip down to her undies. Addie helps by undoing her belt, unbuttoning those jeans, and pulling them down but gets Victoria down on the mat so she can take off her shoes and jeans. Addie lies down on the mat and says that she needs Victoria to demonstrate her best leg submission, so she locks her tight thighs around Addie's neck while Addie squirms. Since Addie was able to get out of the hold two times, she says she'll have to pass on Victoria, but to comfort her she strokes her thighs up and down and compliments her on her gorgeous legs. Too bad, because Addie's place gets pretty wild...Victoria needs to prove how wild she can be so she pulls Dakota down to the mat and starts kissing her on the lips and unfastening her belt. Dakota pushes her off with a disgusted look on her face, but Addie is impressed and says she'll consider Victoria for the show. Even though Victoria leaves, Addie makes a pass at Dakota who is hurriedly getting her jeans buckled back up and her sweater back on. Addie wants to know if she's ready for her interview and shows her into another room. All just part of the "interview process," Addie takes her top off and straddles Dakota on the couch, kissing her. Dakota still isn't comfortable with this, but when Addie explains that it's a high paying job and this is the only way to interview, she reluctantly submits. The two girls are intensely kissing and Addie puts on some sexy music to dance in front of Dakota. When the lapdance is complete, both girls keeps making out on the couch, both still wearing the jeans. With their tongues touching, Dakota starts to enjoy this passionate kissing, and before you know it, she's on top straddling Addie! Things start to get kind of hot, so Addie takes her upstairs to her bedroom, but there's just one rule in the bedroom: no jeans allowed! Both girls take off their bottoms and rub their bodies against one another. They caress one another's bodies, kissing in between their thighs and stroking their strong thighs. The next day, Dakota returns to Victoria's gym and admits she had one of the best nights. After having one taste, she wants some more, and says Victoria should sell her gym to be more like Addie's. Dakota initiates the first kiss, but Victoria is kind of bummed about the whole wrestling match from yesterday, so she says if Dakota wins, then she'll sell her gym to Addie. This match up both girls do end up taking off their jeans and wresting in their boy shorts and tank tops. Just like yesterday, they give one another an upper thigh massage, rubbing down one another's legs. When they start the rematch, Victoria gets an early leg lock, but Dakota drags her down on the mat and gets her in the same hold. That's when Victoria shows Dakota her expertise, tying her legs up in knots. Dakota is unable to get out no matter how hard she struggles, so she has to tap out.
Models: Victoria Quinn, Dakota Charms, Addie Juniper
Length: 47 minutes
Available in High Definition
November 30th: Jada Stevens' Hypno Blowjob and Doggy Style Fuck
Talk about the perfect woman! Jada Stevens starts by giving her man a lapdance...and not just any lapdance, but a totally ass-exposed and booty-bouncing lapdance! After he's had his fun watching her body, he uses his mind control abilities to have her do his bidding. This fine piece of ass is hard-wired to do exactly what he wants! Repeating the phrase "I am your decent and dodgy cock slut, and you are my decent and dodgy cock master" over and over, this fembot bends down on hands and knees to serve you. Rubbing her master's feet, she continues to say the phrase. Next, he wants her to give him a wet and dirty blowjob, but that doesn't stop her from saying the words. When he's nice and hard, he takes her doggy style rubbing her face in the carpet as she moans out that she is the "decent and dodgy cock slut..." After he tires of taking her from behind, she resumes blowing him and even licking his balls while he rubs one out. One damn fine girl doing your bidding!
Models: Jada Stevens, Psymon Jerusalem
Length: 22 minutes
Available in High Definition
November 30th: Dakota Charms the Naughty Bondage Elf
Merry Christmas to all! Out of no where, the Bondage Elf appears in your home with a special note saying how she LOVES to be tied up! When you "unwrap" her coat and scarf, you realize that she's already gagged and tied up with ribbons and bows that she must have gotten at the North Pole. She talks about a mile a minute, so you have to keep her gagged, and the more ribbon the better! Putting on some snazzy Christmas tunes, Dakota will dance right in front of your eyes teasing you by pulling up her little furry-lined skirt revealing her tiny satin red panties. She'll show you what she can do with some tight green rope, tying up her ankles and knees so she can't get out. Finally, she realizes that she's been doing a lot of talking and having all the fun with the rope, so you should come over and give her a spankin! Slap! It leaves a red mark on her behind with each and every whack! What a fun time with an unexpected Naughty Bondage Elf! Thanks, Santa!
Models: Dakota Charms
Length: 28 minutes
Available in High Definition
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